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The equine tooth differs from the human tooth in that it continues to erupt throughout the life of the horse.  As the teeth are in wear, the chewing surface can become misaligned and sharp points can form causing uncomfortable ulcers in the mouth.  Routine dental examinations are needed to locate and correct problems before they start.  Dental examinations should be performed starting at 6 months of age, every 6 months for growing horses, yearly for the mature horse, and every 6 months for the geriatric horse. 

Signs that your horse may have a dental problem are abnormal chewing, weight loss, head shaking, and resisting the bit.  We perform both maintenance and corrective dentistry.  If dental problems are severe, your horse may require more frequent corrective floating. 

Our dentistry equipment consists of motorized dental equipment, hand floats, oral speculum, and a head stand to allow good visualization of the oral cavity.  Our dental services include dental examination, floating, and tooth extraction.  For the comfort and safety of our patients, all dental services are performed under sedation. 


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Featured Services

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